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Woman holding white cat breed with blue eyes on lap
In the event you’re considering welcoming a white cat into your loved ones, you’re not alone: It’s such a preferred colour that whole breeds have been developed only for their white fur genes. In fact, not all white cats are stable white: many breeds even have white coats and a few variation of sample and colour round their faces and paws. 

Many white cat breeds are particularly pleasant and docile, and thrive in social environments; they get together with children, different cats, and even different forms of animals. So, even if you happen to don’t care about coat colour, a white cat would possibly the correct animal companion for you based mostly on temperament alone.

Turkish Angora cat breed on gray background

Turkish Angora

Originating from central Anatolia, the Turkish Angora is now generally known as a well-known home breed that has been within the U.S. as early because the seventeenth century. This breed typically has a pure white coat that’s fluffier than the coat of a Home Shorthair, and in addition has shiny blue eyes. 

Many utterly white animals have points with listening to, and the Turkish Angora isn’t any exception; whereas they adapt nicely to deafness, it’s finest to maintain deaf cats indoors for his or her security. This breed can be vocal, not realizing how loud their loving meows are. Angoras are very social and love being round households and other people of all ages, and don’t like being alone. They’re additionally very sensible, so if you happen to depart them alone, count on revenge.

White Siberian cat breed in between bushes


Siberian cats are available all colours, however white is a well-liked search for this fluffy Russian breed. This breed, which is usually referred to as a “Siberian Forest cat,” Although Siberians have lengthy thick coats, they often solely should be brushed as soon as per week —although they might want extra within the heavier shedding seasons of spring and fall. These cats are playful and customarily love individuals and different cats, in order that they’re a very good match for anybody who will take pleasure in retaining them lively — and who don’t thoughts a cat following them from room to room.

White cat breed with blue eyes - domestic shorthair lying on sofa

Home Shorthair

Most individuals with cats within the U.S. are caring for a Home Shorthair. These cats are the “mutts” of the feline world, which produces a pleasant mixture of traits. However typically, home shorthairs have thick, quick, and dense fur and a stocky, muscular our bodies. These are our sturdy home and alley cats; although, clearly, they make superb pets too. Home Shorthairs can are available quite a lot of colours, together with orange, black, brown, purple, and white. These frequent cats could be tabbies, tuxedos, and even calicos too.

White Ragdoll cat breed with brown point on wood floor


The Ragdoll is a beautiful cat who often has distinct colorpoint patterns round their faces and paws, and delightful blue eyes. Ragdolls are available a number of shades of white, together with lilac, blue, and cream. Their hair is lengthy and silky and requires a very good quantity of brushing and care. 

This breed is extremely docile and is understood for being sociable. Ragdolls are additionally very dedicated to their individuals, so count on the affection and loyalty of a canine in a comfortable cat physique. They’re dangerous cats for the outside as unfamiliar individuals and issues can freak them out simply, they usually have a foul sense of path. The breed, which was developed by American breeder Ann Baker within the Nineteen Sixties, could be predisposed to some well being points, particularly weight problems, coronary heart illness, and urinary tract points.

White Persian cat breed standing on counter


Persian cats have many distinctive traits, however are particularly recognized for his or her candy flat nostril and wide-set eyes. Their lengthy coats are available many colours however white is without doubt one of the hottest. This long-hair breed arrived in Italy from Persia round 1620, or no less than that was their first mark on the recorded map. 

Persian cats make glorious pets however require some additional care, particularly assist with their grooming. They are often inclined to eye points, overgrown nails, haircoat issues, and dental illness, in order that they want attentive pet mother and father to keep up their well being. However they’re superb for a cuddle.

White Ragamuffin cat breed on standing on cement outside


Usually confused for the same Ragdoll, the Ragamuffin was established as a separate breed in 1994; the breed is regarded as Ragdoll crossbred with different forms of long-haired cats. White, brown tabby with white, tortoiseshell and mink, and blue are the preferred Ragamuffin colours.

Very similar to their lovable cousins, Ragamuffins are very pleasant, placid, and coated in thick fur. They’ve extra colour and sample variation than Ragdolls. These kitties get alongside nicely with different pets and often love being held. They require common brushing however don’t excessively shed contemplating how a lot hair they’ve.

Rare Khao Manee white cat breed with heterochromia

Khao Manee

The Khao Manee cat is without doubt one of the costliest cats on the planet, and their distinctive and delightful look goes a great distance towards explaining why. Typically referred to as the Diamond Eye cat, they originated in Thailand and have been round for a whole bunch of years. They’re stable white with a brief, silky coat.

They’ll have two blue eyes, two gold eyes, or considered one of every. They’re typically a fairly wholesome breed however typically have congenital deafness in a single or each ears. In contrast to a few of the fluffier breeds we’ve talked about, these cats are very lively, vocal, and want quite a lot of playful stimulation to maintain their clever minds occupied.  

Light grey / white Scottish Fold cat breed playing with balls

Scottish fold

The Scottish Fold is understood for its little folded-down ears, a cute attribute that’s the results of a pure dominant gene mutation. The mutation impacts the cartilage all through the physique, which is what causes the ears to level down towards the face. The draw back of this situation is that, over time, it could possibly trigger points with this breed’s joints, which could be painful for them and require medical intervention. 

Scottish folds are maybe best-known for his or her blue coats, however they arrive in a number of colours, together with “shaded silver,” which is off-white. They’re very sensible and affectionate, in addition to fairly vocal. They like children and different animals however can be good solo pets so long as they’ve the loving consideration of their one particular individual.

White Japanese Bobtail in a field of grass

Japanese Bobtail

You would possibly acknowledge these little cats because the “waving cat” determine, a preferred signal of fine luck in Japan. They’ve a really distinctive inform — a naturally bobbed tail — from which their title is derived. Their little bunny rabbit-like puff sits on high of sturdy haunches, which is an expression of a dominant gene discovered within the breed. Japanese Bobtails are available varied colours, however the fortunate cat’s calico is probably the most recognizable.

This breed is taken into account one of the vital chatty of all cat breeds; a number of little distinctive chirps and purrs fill out their vocabulary. They’re not large shedders however do should be brushed often. They’re additionally very affectionate and loving lap cats however will greet you on the door like a canine and like to play video games. 

White Siamese cat breed with orange accents


The Siamese cat is native to Thailand, however turned extremely popular in Europe and North America in the course of the nineteenth century. These kittens are born white, however their fur colour and markings darken as they age. They’re an amazing household pet — light, playful, and social. They want quite a lot of leisure to remain occupied, or they’ll discover one thing to do, which you may not need. Siamese cats could be extremely noisy and demanding, which may frustrate individuals who don’t have time to play with or cuddle them. Additionally they wish to be with different animals, so it’s finest to undertake two without delay.

Are white cats uncommon?

Yep! Pure white is a uncommon cat colour; it’s estimated that solely 5 % of all cats are white. Many cat breeds can sport a white coat, however most are bi-color, tri-color, or have patterns and markings.  Different cat breeds who can have white coats embrace:

Are white cats vulnerable to well being issues?

White cats are thought-about typically wholesome however have an elevated danger for sure well being circumstances.


White cats could be vulnerable to congenital deafness, although the severity of that situation could fluctuate. For instance, epistatic cats with blue eyes and white fur because the dominant gene of their chart are linked to deafness. Research present that over 17 % of white cats are born with some deafness; the quantity jumps as much as 40 % for cats with one blue eye and grows to a whopping 80 % for cats with each blue eyes. Deaf cats are inclined to adapt to the situation nicely, nonetheless, and with a number of changes, they will talk with individuals fairly nicely and be skilled. 


White cat pet mother and father needs to be looking out for sunburn, as a result of these cats have much less melanin within the pores and skin underneath their fur, which makes them extra weak to pores and skin most cancers. Restrict white cats’ time within the solar, get them checked repeatedly, and look ahead to bumps or new marks on their ears, nostril, and eyelids.

Are white cats blind?

There’s a delusion that white cats are additionally vulnerable to blindness, probably as a result of they continuously have brightly coloured eyes. Nevertheless it’s only a delusion; white cats aren’t any extra prone to be blind than some other colour cat.

Are all white cats albinos?

No. Most white cats merely have the gene for white fur however don’t lack pigmentation utterly.  Albinism is a genetic situation which prevents all pigmentation within the pores and skin, fur, and even the eyes, and will theoretically come up in any breed. 


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