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By Alicia Kort
big apartment dog (great dane)
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Far too many residence dwellers assume they’ll’t have a canine simply because they hire or stay in comparatively small areas. Whereas some landlords might have guidelines towards pets, dwelling in an residence shouldn’t dissuade you from welcoming a canine into your life in and of itself. In actuality, sure canine breeds thrive in smaller areas, and we rounded up a number of canine breeds who do.

These breeds share some essential qualities. Adaptability is one — renters usually transfer extra usually than owners, so it’s finest if their canine are versatile to new conditions.

One other essential issue is train necessities. Canine with very excessive train calls for would possibly wrestle in an residence, so we prioritized breeds with low to medium train necessities on this listing. Usually, flats don’t include fenced-in backyards, and a number of journeys to the canine park a day may not be possible, so most of those canine are happy with lengthy walks, playtime, and possibly one journey to the canine park.

We additionally thought of shed-level. Small areas usually tend to be coated in a number of layers of fur should you stay with a profusely shedding canine. Not each canine on this listing is low-shed, however most shed reasonably. Should you’re contemplating adopting a canine, learn on to see our listing of apartment-friendly canine breeds. Not discovering the breed you’re searching for? Take a look at these small canine as a substitute.

20 Condominium-Pleasant Canine Breeds

apartment dog
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1. Combined-Breed Canine

Combined-breed pups could make excellent residence roommates. Ask a shelter or rescue about their present residents who’re versatile to new environments and have low to average train wants. These pups received’t simply really feel proper at house in your residence however can be thrilled to have a house of their very own — irrespective of if it’s a studio or a number of bedrooms.

beagle running in apartment
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2. Beagle

The Beagle, who weighs as much as 30 kilos and reaches as much as 15 inches at shoulder top, could be a nice roommate. These small canine don’t take up a lot room, are extremely adaptable, and shed a average quantity (their double-coat sheds primarily in spring). These high-energy pups require an hour of train a day, however a protracted stroll and a visit to the native canine park ought to fulfill them. Beagles are affectionate and like to be round individuals and different canine, because of their historical past as pack-hunting canine. These pups can develop harmful and howl if left alone for too lengthy, although, so they’re finest for homebodies.

Chihuahua in woman's lap in apartment
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3. Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are one other nice residence canine. These pint-sized pups love snuggling and can love watching your favourite exhibits with you, however they nonetheless want walks and a few indoor play. As a result of Chihuahuas differ broadly in coat coloration, size, and sort (easy or wiry), their fur care will depend upon how lengthy their fur is.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel outside of apartment
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4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small breed — they’ll weigh as much as 18 kilos and attain 13 inches at shoulder top. They adapt shortly to new environment, to allow them to deal with frequent strikes and shed reasonably, which is nice for residence dwellers (though their coat must be brushed weekly and groomed recurrently to keep away from matting). They’re affectionate and pleasant towards different individuals, kids, and different pets, though as a result of they’re on the smaller and extra delicate facet, younger kids ought to be supervised when interacting with them.

Maltese dog on chair in apartment
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5. Maltese

The Maltese might have an historic aristocratic historical past, however that doesn’t imply they aren’t down for small-space dwelling. This easygoing pup shortly adjusts to new conditions and environment, and their diminutive measurement (they solely attain 9 inches at shoulder top and weigh round seven kilos) additionally makes them the proper choose for a furry roommate. Maltese are extremely affectionate, although they are often cussed in terms of coaching. This toy breed solely requires day by day walks or some indoor or outside play. The Maltese’s white fur coat is surprisingly low-shed (the Maltipoo (Maltese / Poodle combine) sheds even much less), although it must be brushed day by day to forestall matting.

Cockapoo sitting on a bed
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6. Cockapoo

The Cockapoo, a mixture between an American Cocker Spaniel and Poodle, might be both Mini or Maxi in measurement relying on their Poodle mother or father’s measurement, and weigh wherever from 12 to 65 kilos and attain as much as greater than 16 inches at shoulder top, however each make good residence companions. Versatile but devoted, the Cockapoo is comfortable to go wherever so long as they’re with their mother and father. They require lower than half an hour of train per day, and their curly coat is low-shedding, which is ideal for small, high-traffic areas, though it must be brushed steadily to maintain it freed from particles.

chiweenie dog playing in apartment

7. Chiweenie

The Chiweenie is a mixture between the Chihuahua and the Dachshund (additionally good residence canine), and the result’s a tiny, devoted canine with an enormous character. Chiweenies develop strongly hooked up to their pet mother and father and endeavor to be the focus. Weighing as much as 12 kilos and reaching 10 inches at shoulder top, this pint-sized pooch is a good residence pet and makes a loving companion for seniors and households with older kids. Chiweenies love snuggling and can love watching your favourite exhibits with you, however they nonetheless want walks and a few indoor play. As a result of Chiweenies differ broadly in coat coloration, size, and sort (easy or wiry), their fur care will depend upon how lengthy their fur is.

Apartment loving German Spitz dog
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8. German Spitz

The German Spitz is an adaptable pup that thrives in all kinds of environments, which makes them an incredible pet for small-space dwelling. This breed is available in three completely different sizes, together with Toy (weighing as much as 11 kilos), Medium (weighing as much as 25 kilos), and Giant (weighing as much as 50 kilos). The German Spitz is an eager-to-please breed with a profuse fluffy coat that sheds little besides through the two shedding seasons, the place the pup will shed their total undercoat. They aren’t overly affectionate and love to do their very own factor. This pup wants a medium quantity of train — they love a protracted stroll, so canine mother and father ought to be ready to get their steps in — and mentally stimulating actions to maintain them comfortable.

Rhodesian Ridgeback dog on bed with person
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9. Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback turned well-known in Africa for baying lions. Lately they don’t tussle with apex predators, however they’re identified for having the ability to thrive in a wide range of completely different dwelling conditions. The Rhodesian Ridgeback weigh as much as 85 kilos and attain as much as 27 inches in top, however dwelling areas on the smaller facet don’t hassle them. This breed wants a medium quantity of train, together with walks and playtime. They have to be socialized at an early age and educated with a firmer hand. Rhodesians have an unbiased streak and robust prey drive, so they need to be saved on a leash whereas on walks or in a fenced house. This short-haired pup solely must be brushed as soon as every week to take away unfastened fur.

saint bernard dog inside home
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10. Saint Bernard

If you consider a Saint Bernard, you would possibly consider a breed that navigates snowdrifts to rescue misplaced hikers, however this pup feels simply as a lot at house in an residence as they do within the Alps. Regardless of reaching as much as 180 kilos and 30 inches at shoulder top, Saint Bernards solely require average train. They wish to spend time with their mother and father and go on hikes or lengthy walks, however they don’t have to be “run out” like different giant canine breeds. Saint Bernards are extremely affectionate and get alongside effectively with younger kids or different pets, although they are often delicate to harsh criticism. This breed might be short- or long-haired, however all have coats that shed closely twice a 12 months and have to be maintained by a weekly brushing session.

Basenji dog in apartment lying on rug
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11. Basenji

An African looking canine, the Basenji is an unbiased pup who spends lots of time preserving their coats clear. This pup has excessive vitality ranges, so they’re finest suited to dwelling with pet mother and father who’ve lively existence. The Basenji could be thought of “barkless,” however they don’t seem to be noiseless; they chortle and yip sometimes however make much less noise than your common canine breed. They weigh as much as 24 kilos and attain as much as 17 inches in shoulder top. To look after the Basenji’s coat, simply rub a hound glove over them as soon as every week, and this pup will do the remainder.

Pekingese dog sitting on woman's lap
Daniel Kondrashin / Pexels

12. Pekingese

The Pekingese is known for his or her lion’s mane of fur round their face and their proximity to China’s aristocracy. This royal lap canine is comfortable to proceed within the custom of dwelling within the lap of luxurious. They bond intently with their mother and father and solely require day by day walks and the occasional play session, making them excellent residence pups and companions to seniors. Pekingese solely weigh as much as 14 kilos and attain as much as 9 inches at shoulder top, so they don’t seem to be the only option for fogeys with younger kids as a result of they’re delicate. Though their train wants are low, the Pekingese’s grooming wants will not be: Their thick double coat would require one hour per week plus common baths.

Danil Nevsky / Stocksy

13. Nice Dane

Nice Danes might stand taller than their canine mother and father once they’re on their hind legs, however that doesn’t imply they aren’t comfortable in flats. These giant pups can weigh as much as 175 kilos and attain as much as 32 inches in top, and have average train wants; they want a considerable stroll a number of instances a day — in any other case, they’re comfortable to take up your total sofa whereas they lounge. This breed is extremely devoted and prefers to spend time with their households than alone. Though their coat is on the quick facet, it nonetheless wants weekly brushing as they’ll accumulate extra fur than most pet mother and father would guess.

Shiba Inu dog happily sitting in apartment counter
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14. Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is a compact, muscular looking canine who’s the preferred pup in Japan. They will weigh as much as 23 kilos and attain 17 inches in shoulder top. This fox-like canine is taken into account adaptable and is very happy dwelling in an residence, although they should get sufficient train to satisfy their average wants, which might be completed with a protracted stroll and a visit to the canine park. They’re very loyal companions, a lot in order that they’ll undergo from separation anxiousness and develop harmful. This breed ought to be crate-trained early to study to be comfy whereas their mother and father are out of the home.

Basset Hound on bed
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15. Basset Hound

The Basset Hound’s chill character completely enhances their candy look and droopy face. These people-oriented pups are very happy to lie subsequent to you on the sofa throughout film marathons or a studying session as long as you give them a few good walks.

Labradors with renter at dog park
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16. Labrador Retriever

Probably the most fashionable canine in America, this medium-to-large athletic pup weighs as much as 80 kilos. However regardless of their measurement, Labrador Retrievers make nice residence canine when given the bodily and psychological train that they want.

American Cocker Spaniel with chicken toy
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17. American Cocker Spaniel

The American Cocker Spaniel is an attractive small-sized canine with an affectionate nature, lengthy smooth ears, and an lovely face. These canine want psychological stimulation to maintain from getting bored, however average train is usually adequate. And their eager-to-please perspective makes them a breeze to coach.

Pit Bull Apartment Dog
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18. American Pit Bull Terrier

Just like different medium to giant breed canine on this listing, American Pit Bull Terriers might be glorious residence canine so long as they obtain enough train and psychological stimulation. On account of their excessive vitality degree, Pit Bulls require common walks, jogging periods, or playtime to launch their extra vitality. These pups are often known as “Velcro Canine” as a result of they type robust bonds with their households.

whippet cuddled by two people
Leeloo Thefirst / Pexels

19. Whippet

Regardless of their pace, Whippets additionally love lounging and enjoyable (so long as they’ve had a day by day stroll or probability to run freely and fulfill their train wants). They’ve light temperaments and make fantastic companions. They’ve a powerful prey drive however are very amiable and open to coaching.

Shar-Pei on rocky shore
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20. Shar-Pei

One other nice residence canine is the Shar-Pei. These pups love their individuals however be sure you present them with common psychological stimulation to forestall boredom. Shar-Peis weigh as much as 60 kilos and are usually a wholesome breed, however concentrate on potential pores and skin issues, together with allergy symptoms and infections because of their wrinkles. Correct grooming contains common cleansing and drying of the pores and skin folds. Get in there.

Ideas for Renting with Canine

Mother and father give away their pets all too usually once they transfer due to a landlord’s restrictions, so earlier than you get a canine, it’s essential to be sure you’re ready to take additional steps to discover a pet-friendly dwelling association. Search particularly for dog-friendly rental items so you already know that your landlord is open-minded to having individuals with pets apply. You possibly can even make a resume to your pet (severely!) with references from earlier landlords. And be sure you verify together with your landlord about potential measurement and breed restrictions earlier than you undertake a canine. It’s essential to maintain you, your landlord, and, most significantly, your pet comfortable in your rented house.

Insurance coverage

Pet mother and father ought to get renters’ insurance coverage, which can be a wise thought even should you don’t have a pet. Renters’ insurance coverage covers lots of completely different conditions, together with break-ins, pure disasters, and pet damages. In case your pup chews up the carpet or jumps up on a neighbor within the hallway and unintentionally injures them, your insurance coverage would possibly cowl that. This all will depend on your coverage, in fact, so be sure that to learn via your insurance coverage coverage completely.


A well-trained pup will make dwelling in a rented house a lot simpler for everybody concerned. A canine who is aware of their boundaries can be extra prone to keep inside them. Totally different breeds require several types of coaching, and a coach can assist you navigate your canine’s wants.


All pups require some degree of train, even whether it is only a stroll alongside the block. Earlier than you get your pup, analysis their breed or get data from the shelter about their train wants. In case your canine doesn’t get sufficient train, they’ll develop harmful when you’re not within the residence, which might contain barking or damaging furnishings.

Breeds to Keep away from

Be considerate in regards to the canine you select — any average to high-energy working breed ought to be prevented until you reside a really lively life-style. Canine who don’t thrive in flats embody breeds equivalent to Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds, and Border Collies. These breeds are used to having jobs and want lots of psychological and bodily stimulation that they’re unlikely to get in a rented house.

Some mother and father may additionally need to keep away from breeds that shed closely as a result of an residence is probably going a smaller house than a home, so extra of that house can be coated in a layer of fur. German Shepherds are one other perpetrator in that space, together with Huskies and Nice Pyrenees.

Alicia Kort is a author and editor dwelling in Brooklyn. She’s presently the senior commerce editor at Condominium Remedy. She’s been printed in StyleCaster, Electrical Literature, Newsweek, InterviewBrooklyn journal and extra. In her free time, she runs, reads, and spends time along with her dog-nieces, Maya and Woman, and her cat-niece, Pepper.

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