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For those who’re a cat mum or dad who’s contemplating bringing a brand new kitten into the house, or in the event you’ve already adopted one, you’re possible questioning how finest to introduce your resident cat to their new member of the family. Introducing a brand new kitten to a resident cat could be difficult, and, relying on the cats’ ages and personalities, it might take days or months to take action efficiently. Nevertheless, it’s essential to introduce cats slowly and thoroughly to stop aggression or combating.

Beneath are some pointers and useful tricks to get your new feline relations off to a very good begin and hopefully on their option to turning into finest buddies for the remainder of their lives.

Tips on how to Select a New Kitten to Deliver House

In case you have but to undertake a brand new kitten, remember that most cat consultants suggest introducing a brand new cat who matches the resident cat’s vitality degree, measurement, and persona. Bringing residence a kitten if in case you have a senior or low-key grownup cat could be like asking a grandparent to babysit a toddler 24/7: The kitten shall be unhappy not having a playmate, and the older cat shall be burdened by the kitten asking to play continuously.

In truth, kittens are a lot happier in pairs, so in the event you’re set on adopting a kitten, contemplate adopting two. It might appear overwhelming, nevertheless it may really be the most effective answer for everybody, because the kittens will play with one another and depart your grownup cat to do their very own factor. Adopting two kittens will even assist them keep away from Single Kitten Syndrome.

Some cat consultants additionally imagine that gender performs a small position in how two cats will get alongside and recommend two males or a male/feminine match work finest. Neutering and spaying all cats, ideally two to 4 weeks earlier than the introduction, can be important so they’re totally recovered.

Regardless of which new kitten or cat you convey residence, although, it’s essential to comply with the steps under to efficiently introduce them to your resident cat.

Tips on how to Introduce a New Cat to Your Cat

Step One: Isolation

Confine the brand new cat to at least one room with a litter field, meals, water, and a mattress. Feed your present cat(s) and the newcomer on both facet of the door to this room. Don’t put the meals so near the door that the cats are too upset by one another to eat. This can assist to begin issues out on the best foot by associating one thing satisfying (consuming) with every others’ presence. Step by step transfer the dishes nearer to the door till the cats can eat calmly immediately on both facet.

You too can think about using the crate technique, which basically replaces a separate room with a really giant crate, which is very useful in the event you stay in an area that doesn’t have an ample separate room.

In case you have adopted the brand new cat from an surroundings the place they may have been uncovered to diseases, akin to a shelter or the road, comply with your vet’s suggestions at some stage in this isolation. Usually your vet will take a look at for FeLV and FIV after which suggest isolation for seven to 10 days. That will seem to be a very long time, nevertheless it won’t solely maintain your resident cat wholesome but additionally give your new cat an opportunity to get adjusted to their surroundings’s sounds and smells, bettering the possibilities that the primary face-to-face introduction along with your resident cat(s) will go nicely.

Step Two: Scent / Signal Intro

After your new cat’s isolation interval is over, and also you’re positive your new cat is wholesome, you’ll be able to take the next steps. Advance to the subsequent step solely in spite of everything cats are okay with one another throughout every step.

  1. Change sleeping blankets between the brand new cat and resident cat(s) to allow them to grow to be accustomed to one another’s scent. Additionally, put the scented blankets beneath the meals dishes.
  2. Use two doorstops to prop open the door simply sufficient to permit the cats to see one another however not get out and repeat the feeding course of.
  3. Put the brand new cat in a safe cat provider, and open the door so the resident cat can are available in and sniff across the new cat’s room whereas the cat is within the provider.
  4. Confine resident cats in one other room and let the brand new cat discover the remainder of the home. This swap additionally permits the cats to expertise one another’s scent with no face-to-face assembly. It additionally permits the newcomer to grow to be acquainted with their new environment with out being frightened by different animals.

Step Three: First Assembly

Open the isolation room door, let your resident cat enter, and calmly observe. Taking part in calming music or speaking in a peaceful, pleasant voice to the cats might assist you really feel much less burdened, which can assist the cats, too. In case your cats like treats, give them a lot of treats together with verbal reward. Some cats do finest if distracted with their favourite toys, so they aren’t focusing too intently on one another.

When the cats are collectively, maintain a watch out for the next warning indicators:

  • Hissing, puffy tails, and growling: A little bit little bit of this conduct is regular however ought to be minimal if in case you have taken the time to comply with the steps above. Don’t give your cats the chance to accentuate; you are attempting to keep away from the cats associating one another’s presence with fearful or aggressive conduct. A foul first impression could be tough to vary.
  • Fearful or aggressive reactions: If both cat escalates their conduct to fixed hissing or growling, or if there may be any stalking (like they’re searching prey), cornering, swatting, or massive posturing shows of arched backs and fur puffed out, separate the cats again into their very own areas instantly. If it was only a hissing match, wait a number of hours and check out one other face-to-face assembly for a couple of minutes. If the aggression appeared critical, you might have to take a step or two again within the introduction course of.

If the assembly goes nicely, let the cats spend as much as 10 minutes collectively (though much less time is ok, too). Then separate them again into their very own areas. Letting them keep whether it is going nicely could be tempting, however it’s a lot better to not push it and have the primary assembly finish badly.

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How can I stop aggressive conduct throughout introductions?

The above technique of slowly introducing your resident cat to a brand new cat will do quite a bit to assist cut back aggression. If you attain the step of a face-to-face introduction, you could wish to have a water squirt bottle in a single hand and a blanket within the different in case you could intervene in a sudden assault. Supervise their interactions intently always, and be affected person. It might take a while for the 2 cats to grow to be associates, however most cats can be taught to stay collectively peacefully with time and endurance.

Step 4: Slowly Improve Time Collectively

In case your cats efficiently spend as much as 10 minutes collectively, you’ll be able to improve their time collectively. For instance, your periods would possibly improve to 2 periods of 10 minutes every on day two.

Proceed to watch your cats vigilantly, nonetheless, as a result of generally a gathering will appear to be going nicely, after which there’s a spat. If a small spat happens between the cats, do not try and bodily intervene; cats could make a lot of noise and roll round fairly dramatically with out both cat being injured. As a substitute, use a twig bottle to squirt water on the cats to separate them. If that doesn’t do it, attempt tossing a blanket over one in every of them and rapidly corralling the opposite cat out of the room. Give them each an opportunity to settle down for a day or extra earlier than re-introducing them to one another.

When can I contemplate the introduction course of profitable?

You possibly can contemplate the introduction course of profitable if you observe indicators displaying that the cats are getting alongside, akin to greeting one another by sniffing or touching noses, headbutting or rubbing towards one another, grooming one another, and, after all, snuggling and sleeping collectively.

Extra New Cat Suggestions

When you’ve made it by the introduction course of, there are nonetheless some issues you are able to do to make sure your cats proceed to get alongside, together with:

  • Hold the second litter field within the isolation room even after the cats are out collectively. Ensure that not one of the cats are being “ambushed” by one other whereas making an attempt to make use of the litter field.
  • If you wish to transfer the second litter field, accomplish that regularly, a number of toes at a time, to the brand new location.
  • Clear all litter packing containers extra regularly.
  • Improve the quantity of playtime and train each cats are getting to assist expend their vitality and maintain them calm.
  • Hold the resident cat’s schedule as shut as doable to what it was earlier than the newcomer’s look.
  • Attempt utilizing calming merchandise to assist de-stress cats who exhibit indicators of stress.

FAQ (Folks Additionally Ask)

How lengthy ought to I wait to introduce my cat to a brand new kitten?

Introducing a brand new kitten to a resident cat could be difficult, and, relying on the cats’ ages and personalities, it might take days or months to take action efficiently. Observe the above steps for a sluggish introduction.

What if the cats nonetheless aren’t getting alongside after prolonged efforts?

In case your cats nonetheless aren’t getting alongside after prolonged efforts, you need to contemplate consulting a veterinarian to find out if underlying medical points are at play, and/or an authorized cat behaviorist. If the difficulty actually can’t be resolved, you would possibly contemplate rehoming your cat by way of Rehome by Undertake a Pet.

What are the warning indicators when introducing cats?

Warning indicators when introducing cats embrace hissing, puffy tails, and growling. A little bit of this conduct is okay, but when it escalates to fixed hissing or growling, or if there may be any stalking (like they’re searching prey), cornering, swatting, or massive posturing shows of arched backs and fur puffed out, the cats ought to be separated.


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