What Is a Primordial Pouch? Shocking Information About Your Cat’s Saggy Stomach

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a white cat with primordial pouch

Is there something fairly as cute as when your cat runs to you together with his massive stomach swinging? A cat’s stomach flap is formally often called the primordial pouch, and, as cute as it’s, it serves an even bigger objective than you would possibly suppose. Learn on to study extra about your cat’s primordial pouch, together with recommendations on tips on how to inform in case your cat is simply actually massive or if he’s truly chubby.

What Are Primordial Pouches?

Primordial pouches are sacs of extra pores and skin and tissue that run the size of the cat’s underside. It’s discovered most prominently in direction of the rear portion of the stomach. Each cat can have one, however the dimension of every will differ from cat to cat. Some kitties can have an virtually solely undetectable pouch, whereas others can have bigger, outstanding ones.

Do you know primordial pouches aren’t distinctive to our family cats? Large cats like lions and tigers have them, too!

When Do Cats Develop a Primordial Pouch?

For those who’ve had your cat since kittenhood, you’ll have seen that he didn’t have the pouch when he was younger. That’s as a result of cats don’t develop the primordial pouch till they’re round six months previous.

a tortoiseshell cat with visible primordial pouch lying on the ground
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What Goal Does the Primordial Pouch Serve?

Whereas the precise objective isn’t solely identified, three main theories exist as to why cats have them.


Probably the most universally acknowledged theories for the primordial pouch is that it acts as safety. Cats within the wild could connect each other within the stomach area, so the fats pouch serves as safety for his or her inner organs. Even when your kitty is an indoor cat, it could actually nonetheless get into fights with different pets within the house, which may very well be why the primordial pouch has developed away.


One other widespread concept is that the pouch offers cats with higher flexibility via their stomach. A cat’s highly effective hind legs, paired with the surplus stomach pores and skin, permit them to twist and leap excessive into the air, offering extra flexibility for escaping predators and taking part in high-octane zoomie periods.

Meals Storage

A cat’s primordial pouch can present house for his or her stomach to develop for meals storage functions. Consider their pouch as your pair of cozy pants you placed on after Thanksgiving dinner to provide your stomach extra space to develop while you’ve eaten far an excessive amount of.

Moreover, it’s theorized that the pouch can act as a fats reserve, storing the fats that cats can later use for power if they don’t have entry to dependable meals sources.

black and white cat lying down with primordial pouch
Picture credit score: Kate | Acutely aware Cat

Why Are Some Pouches Greater Than Others?

A number of elements can affect the dimensions of your cat’s primordial pouch.

  • Genes: Some cats could have bigger or smaller primordial pouches primarily based on their genetics. Sure breeds are genetically predisposed for bigger pouches (we’re you, Bengals and Japanese Bobtails!).
  • Weight: Cats, identical to people, carry weight in a different way. A cat’s weight distribution can have an effect on how massive their pouch will look. Enjoyable reality—in case your kitty’s pouchy appears big, it would truly be an indicator that he’s in improbable form. Obese cats have bigger midsections which may obscure the pouch, whereas a cat at a more healthy weight could have a pouch showing extra outstanding in comparison with the remainder of his physique.
  • Age: As with people, cats lose muscle mass and pores and skin elasticity as they age, inflicting the pouch to hold decrease than ordinary.
  • Being pregnant: A pregnant cat’s pouch could grasp decrease than ordinary to accommodate her rising kittens.

Primordial Pouches vs Fats Pouches

Cat homeowners should be capable of differentiate between primordial pouches and fats pouches attributable to weight problems. As in people, extra weight may cause well being circumstances like diabetes and coronary heart issues in cats.

The best technique to know in case your cat is overweight is by his form. Cats with extra weight have rounder our bodies than their wholesome weighted counterparts. Stand above your cat and look down at his standing physique. You need to be capable of see a slight indent at his hips. If his waist bulges as an alternative of indents, he could have extra physique fats than obligatory.

You may also do a contact take a look at by feeling your cat’s rib cage. A wholesome cat’s padding will likely be round as thick because the again of a human hand. For those who’re unable to really feel your cat’s ribs or can solely really feel them when you apply agency strain, your kitty may very well be chubby.

Your veterinarian can even weigh in (pun supposed) in your cat’s weight at your subsequent annual check-up. In the event that they deem your kitty to be somewhat heavy, they will present a plan of motion that can assist you assist him obtain a more healthy weight.

Ought to I Ever Be Frightened About My Cat’s Primordial Pouch?

Each cat has a primordial pouch, so that you shouldn’t fret an excessive amount of about your pet’s low-hanging stomach. Nevertheless, the stomach is usually a nice indicator of well being points, so conserving an in depth eye in your kitty’s stomach doesn’t damage. For instance, feminine cats can develop breast most cancers that presents as lumps within the tummy space. The extra acquainted you might be with what’s regular on your cat and his stomach, the simpler it’ll be so that you can detect any regarding adjustments.

Ultimate Ideas

A cat’s primordial pouch is only one of our feline members of the family’ many cute options. As cute as they appear, swaying forwards and backwards as your cat strikes about your home, the pouches serve an vital objective going past aesthetics. Know that it’s completely regular for cats to have these pouches and for them to jiggle somewhat extra with each passing 12 months.

For those who suppose your cat’s primordial pouch is getting greater than it ought to be, or when you’re unable to inform in case your cat is chubby or simply the proprietor of a big pouch, contact your vet. They’ll do a bodily examination to examine your cat’s general well being and may present some recommendations on conserving your cat at a wholesome weight in the event that they deem his weight to be an issue.

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