Harlequin Cat: Photos, Rarity & Historical past

A harlequin cat has a selected coat coloration that units them other than different felines. They’re primarily white, with solely round 25% of one other colour. They have an inclination to have giant, irregular patches of one other colour, although this different colour will be something in any respect. Generally, harlequin cats even have tabby markings of their coloured patches.

This coloration solely refers to a cat’s coat colour. It isn’t a specific breed, although this colour does solely happen in sure breeds.

As a result of harlequin cats don’t belong to a selected breed, their measurement, and temperament are utterly up within the air. You can not inform how giant a cat will develop or what they’ll act like primarily based on their coloration. Fortunately, in contrast to harlequin canine, these cats don’t have extra well being issues than different felines. Moreover, harlequin cats are far more frequent than harlequin canine.

Let’s be taught extra about this distinctive cat colour.

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Earliest Information of the Harlequin Cat in Historical past

Cats have had a good quantity of white of their coat for the reason that starting of their domestication. We don’t know precisely when these felines appeared, as individuals didn’t hold information of cat coloration hundreds of years in the past.

You may typically discover cats with over 50% of their coat white in your native shelter, although not all breeds will exhibit this coat coloration. In some particular breeds, it might even be uncommon. It largely is determined by the precise breed we’re discussing.

We do have footage of cats with over 50% of their coats white, courting to the tenth century in Europe. Due to this fact, these cats have existed since no less than then. That mentioned, they have been most likely round a lot sooner than that.

Harlequin cat
Picture Credit score: akirEVarga, Pixabay

How the Harlequin Cat Gained Recognition

The harlequin cat is a placing, distinctive sample that many individuals are drawn to. Nevertheless, it isn’t extra frequent than different coat varieties.

These cats most likely developed fairly naturally all through the years. As a result of these cats aren’t uncommon, it’s doubtless that they didn’t should be significantly chosen by people. They weren’t selectively bred for his or her traits like sure cat breeds. As an alternative, harlequin cats most likely simply develop into extra frequent over time by means of pure breeding.

Formal Recognition of Harlequin Cats

Harlequin cats are acknowledged by virtually each cat fancy membership on the market. Nevertheless, the precise specification and title used to establish this coloration varies.

As an example, the Governing Council of Cat Fancy defines harlequin cats as having extra white than bi-colored cats however not as a lot white because the van sample. As you would possibly guess, there’s loads of private choice at play right here, and the strains can get smudged. You can not measure the precise proportion of white on a cat’s coat very efficiently, in spite of everything.

That mentioned, they do say that the cat ought to be predominately white. In different phrases, a cat ought to be no less than 60% white to be thought-about on this class. These requirements solely acknowledge sure cats as coming on this coloration, as nicely. Snowshoe and oriental shorthairs are two of the breeds that do.

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Prime 3 Distinctive Information About Harlequin Cats

These cats will not be very uncommon, however there are some info that you could be not learn about them:

1. These cats are all distinctive.

No two Harlequin cats are the identical. They every have a distinct sample, which may differ fairly a bit. Ideally, every spot ought to be bigger than a thumbprint, however that’s all that the usual says about this coloration’s particular sample.

2. The genetics behind this colour aren’t absolutely understood.

Every cat is exclusive largely as a result of there are lots of genetics at play. We don’t perceive precisely how these genes work, so breeders can not breed for particular patterns. The piebald gene that results in this sample has a number of variations in itself, and there are a number of extra genes that play a job, too. Due to this fact, the depth and sample vary extensively from cat to cat.

3. What counts as a harlequin cat is determined by who you ask.

Sometimes, a harlequin cat is between a bicolor cat (which is a feline with about 50% white) and a van cat (which is a cat that’s nearly utterly white). Nevertheless, these particular proportions are arduous to measure on a cat, which results in some cats being recognized as having a number of completely different colorations. In lots of instances, it might rely on who you ask.

a harlequin cat outdoors wearing a collar with a bell
Picture Credit score: MR.WICHAI THONGTAPE, Shutterstock

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Does a Harlequin Cat Make a Good Pet?

We don’t suggest basing your adoption determination on a cat’s coat colour. Regardless of some frequent misconceptions, coat colours don’t sometimes affect a cat’s temperament or well being. Harlequin cats could look distinctive, however that doesn’t essentially imply that each harlequin cat is appropriate to your dwelling. The cat’s well being and temperament are far greater elements than what the cat appears to be like like.

Should you’re adopting from a shelter, take time to get to know the cat and ask those that work there concerning the feline’s temperament. If doable, get details about the cat’s previous life and well being information, too. Most rescue organizations will give the feline all of the healthcare they want, however it’s all the time good to test!

Should you’re buying a kitten, make sure that the breeder isn’t marking up their cats as a result of “rarity” of the harlequin coloration. Even when the breeder doesn’t mark up their kittens, be sure that they breed for temperament and well being—not simply coat colour. Carry out the entire ordinary steps you’ll take to make sure that a breeder is producing high quality kittens.

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Harlequin cats aren’t a specific breed, and precisely what counts as a harlequin cat can differ.

Fortunately, these cats don’t appear to have further well being issues, as is true for harlequin canine. You may count on a harlequin cat to be simply as wholesome as every other cat with none added likelihood of deafness or imaginative and prescient issues.

Whereas we don’t sometimes suggest harlequin canine to the typical proprietor, we will suggest harlequin cats wholeheartedly.

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