White Ragdoll Cat: Details, Historical past & Origin (With Footage)

Ragdoll cats are simply one of the standard cat breeds on the planet. These long-haired cats are social, loving, and nice with folks. This breed does properly with kids and even different pets like canine. Ragdolls are stunning kitties which can be entrance and heart of a little bit of controversy. What controversy can cats be part of, you might ask? Oddly sufficient, all of it has to do with coloring.

Breed Overview

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Docile, cuddly, loyal

Since Ragdolls have been formally acknowledged, sure traits and appearances have been the usual. In terms of colours, the Ragdoll customary is a pointed cat. This implies the physique is supposed to be lighter in shade than the face. The one acknowledged Ragdoll colours are seal, chocolate, blue, flame, lilac, and cream. Sadly, white isn’t on the listing. However does that imply white Ragdolls don’t exist? The reply is nobody actually is aware of. There are white cats that resemble and act like Ragdolls that some take into account pure breeds, however there are societies and breeders who say no.




A high-energy cat wants lots of bodily and psychological stimulation to maintain wholesome and completely satisfied, whereas a low-energy cat wants minimal bodily exercise, however nonetheless wants psychological stimulation. When selecting a cat, It’s essential to make sure their power ranges match your life-style.



Cats which can be easy-to-train are extra keen and expert at shortly studying prompts and actions with minimal coaching. More durable-to-train cats are normally extra cussed or aloof and require a bit extra persistence and observe.

Well being


Sure cat breeds are extra inclined to numerous genetic well being issues, and a few greater than others. This doesn’t imply that each cat in these breeds can have these points, however they do have an elevated danger, so it’s essential to grasp and put together for any further wants they could require.



As a result of their dimension or potential genetic well being problems with a selected breed, some cats have shorter lifespans than others. Correct diet, train, psychological stimulation, and hygiene additionally play an essential position in your cat’s lifespan and high quality of life.



Some cat breeds are extra social than others, each in direction of people and different cats and animals. Cats which can be extra social tend to rub up on strangers for scratches or soar on laps for cuddles, whereas cats which can be much less social draw back, cover, are extra cautious, and even doubtlessly aggressive. Irrespective of the breed or gender, it’s essential to socialize your cat and expose them to many alternative conditions.

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The Earliest Data of White Ragdoll Cats in Historical past

It’s troublesome to pinpoint when the primary white Ragdoll appeared within the breed’s historical past. What we do know is that the historical past surrounding Ragdolls is considerably unusual. There are no less than two tales related to this breed, with nobody really figuring out which is true. What we do know for certain is that we are able to thank a lady named Ann Baker for the dear breed we all know right now.

Within the early Sixties, Ann was a breeder of Persian cats who lived in Riverdale, California. Certainly one of Ann’s cats was named Josephine. Some tales declare Josephine, a white Angora cat, was a rescue in Ann’s care whereas others declare she and her offspring have been borrowed as a part of the breeding program. Both means, all Ragdolls can hint their heritage again to Josephine. It’s believed that Josephine was bred with a Birman to provide the primary Ragdoll kitties. Over time, Ann labored to create the Ragdoll breed and improve the traits she wished to incorporate.

How White Ragdoll Cats Gained Recognition

Ragdolls turned extraordinarily standard in society pretty shortly. The distinctive magnificence and behavior of falling limp like a ragdoll when being held made folks need them as a part of their households. White Ragdolls, nevertheless, have been all the time seen as a fantasy or pretend Ragdolls by sure breeders and societies. Not too long ago, the Worldwide Cat Affiliation started accepting white Ragdolls as pure breeds. This has helped these uncommon kitties acquire reputation ever since.

White Ragdoll kitten
Picture Credit score: Michal Bednarek, Shutterstock

Formal Recognition of White Ragdoll Cats

The Ragdoll breed was formally acknowledged by The Cat Fanciers Affiliation in 1966 when Ann Baker formally registered her breed. In terms of white Ragdolls, nevertheless, the CFA doesn’t acknowledge them as purebred Ragdolls. Nevertheless, lately, the Worldwide Cat Affiliation has begun accepting white as part of the Ragdoll breed customary.

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Prime 3 Distinctive Details About White Ragdoll Cats

1. An Accident Could possibly be the Motive Ragdolls Received Their Title

There are a number of tales surrounding the origins of Ragdolls. One such story has to do with Josephine, the mom of the breed, and an accident. Is claimed that Ann Baker’s cat Josephine was injured in an accident the place she was hit by a automobile. After the accident, the mom of the breed was unable to really feel ache and would flop in her proprietor’s arms like a ragdoll when she was picked up.

2. All Ragdolls Are Born With out Shade in Their Coat

With such an enormous controversy over what colours are accepted as breed requirements for the Ragdoll, it’s odd to appreciate kittens of this breed are born with none coloration. The pigment is available in because the cats’ age. Most Ragdolls don’t attain their true coloration till they’re round 2 years outdated.

3. Cream Coloured Ragdolls Are Extremely Uncommon

With white Ragdolls not being accepted by so many, that leaves cream Ragdolls because the rarest ones on the market. Roughly 3% of Ragdoll house owners are fortunate sufficient to have considered one of these uniquely coloured kitties of their residence. A cream Ragdoll has a white physique with ivory factors across the face. Typically, folks confuse these cats with pure white Ragdolls.

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Does a White Ragdoll Cat Make a Good Pet?

Whether or not they’re white, cream, or any accepted shade, Ragdolls make glorious pets. These cats are very even-tempered, loving, and household oriented. Ragdolls get pleasure from spending time with their households and might even be taught tips because of their excessive intelligence. Whether or not you’ve gotten kids or different pets, a Ragdoll may be the right kitty addition to any household.

White Ragdoll Cat
Picture Credit score: Liliya Kulianionak, Shutterstock

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With the controversy surrounding white Ragdoll cats, it’s troublesome to say whether or not the coloration is actual or not. Sure breeders and cat associations have opened their arms to the potential of a solid-colored Ragdoll whereas others haven’t. Both means, you can’t deny the wonder and temperament of those wonderful cats. In case you have the possibility to welcome one into your house, you undoubtedly ought to.

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